Why you’re (still) overwhelmed

Do you keep forgetting things you have to do? Or do you feel you never have free time because you’re always doing something? Do you put things off until the last possible moment?

If any of the answers to the above is ‘yes’, first make sure that it’s actually humanly possible to do all the things you set out to do. If the answers is still ‘yes’, then you probably don’t have a good way of organizing your life and handling the things you need (or want) to do.

You might have tried GTD or bullet journaling or any other system that promises to solve your problems. After all, those journals and to-do lists look so pretty on Pinterest! But your journal/to-do list/system main role is not to look pretty, it’s to help you.

You’re not here to buy into a system, you are here to find and build something that works for you. If you need it to look nice to make it work, then by all means, find or make something aesthetically pleasing. But it is certainly not essential. Some people use any old ugly scrap of paper and it works for them.

The point is to build a system which helps you do the things you want and need to do while feeling in control of your life.

Today’s action: Reflect on what you tried doing in the past and what did or didn’t work.

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